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  • Print Advertising

  • Electronic mail blasts will be sent to the database including over 60,000 unique professional readers. Reach online community through these opportunities.

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  • Digital materials are required. Supply all ads with crop marks clearly indicated. Hard copy proofs are requested with allmaterials. Mail ads on PC-based /Mac-formatted CDs or DVDs, and include the proof and the insertion order.


    Accepted File Formats:

    PC/Macintosh platform support. Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat PDFs of “Press Quality.”Unacceptable Programs and File Formats: GIF, JPEG or PNG files. QuarkXPress, Adobe PageMaker, Corel Draw, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or low quality PDFs are also not accepted.


    Bleed Allowance:

    Full page ads require 3 mm bleeds; Incremental ads do not bleed and must be made to exact size. A 1/2 point keyline isrecommended to outline all incremental ads.


    Live Area/Safety Margin: Keep all live matter 0 mm from edge.


    Color: CMYK only, RGB files are applied to web banners.


    Graphics: Import images at 100% size and at 300 dpi resolution.


    Fonts: Open Type or Postscript Type 1 fonts only. Provide all printer and screen fonts. Do not apply character-leverstyling in page layout application. Avoid using Ture Type or DFont fonts.


    Proofs: High quality color proofs output at 100% showing crop marks.


    Pick up: Materials cannot be picked up from previous directories or from other sources. Please supply new files for each insertion.


    Storage and Liability: VNU Exhibitions Asia does not store or return material after printing. VNU Exhibitions Asia isnot liable for loss or damage of ad materials. Materials not prepared to VNU Exhibitions Asia specifications may incuradditional charges and may sacrifice reproduction quality. Publisher is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete ad materials.


    Material Mailing Instructions:

    Please enclose a copy of the ad order, a color proof, and ad on CD-ROM. Label package with the DACF event name so that it gets to the correct department.


    Please send ad materials before Material Due date.