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Exhibitions:     Shenzhen International Coil Winding Equipment & Technology Exhibition

                     Shenzhen International Small Motor, Manufacturing Technologies & Applications Exhibition

Time:            September 21-23, 2016

Venue:          Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Organizers:   China Electrical Equipment Industry Association

                    VNU Exhibitions Asia Ltd.

Supporters:   Transformer Branch of China Electronic Component Association (CECA)

                    The Micromotor Branch Association of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association

                    Fractional Horse Power Motors Institute of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association

                    Insulating material Division of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association

                    Small & Medium Electric Machine Sub-Association of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association

                    China Electronic Components Industry Association Electronic Transformer Branch

                    Fujian Provincial Motor and Electric Appliance Industry Association


CoilWinding China 2015 (Shenzhen International Coil Winding Equipment & Technology Exhibition) will take place for the fourth time in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in September 9th to 11th 2015 in Shenzhen. Meanwhile MotorTech China 2015 (Shenzhen International Small Motor, Manufacturing Technologies & Applications Exhibition) will be held in the same venue. Both shows are hosted by China Electrical Equipment Industry Assoication and VNU Exhibitions Asia.

Focused on coils, equipments of coil winding, insulations and magnetic materials, CoilWinding China aims to gather the entire industry of electric motor, transformer and relevant manufacturing. The first launch in Shenzhen two years ago gained a great success as a brand new exhibition with 7,500 square meters, 128 exhibitors and 7,141 professional visitors from 30 countries. The satisfaction from both exhibitors and visitors were greatly achieved. From May 8th to 10th in 2013, VNU Exhibitions Asia successfully organized the show again in POLY World Trade Expo Centre in Guangzhou. The show grew 25% over last year and reached 10,000 square meters, 158 exhibitors, and 23% more than last year. With 7,636 visitors, the show covered the entire industry of transformers and the motor manufacturing industry chain. CoilWinding China has already been recognized as the most important industry platform and a leading trade show for coil winding, insulations, magnetic materials and electrical manufacturing in China.

In addition, MotorTech China will be held in the same period. MotorTech China 2015 offers a unique platform to fully integrate motor-related industries, improve the communication and trade.  It focuses on electric motors and magnetic materials including electric motor, equipments and technologies of electric motor manufacturing, accessories, magnetic materials, new application of magnet. There is a series of international innovation forums and Inductica seminars will to be held on site addressing important application trends and markets offer the latest industry trends and solutions. 

China has become a new base of manufacturing, and South China, as one of the most important electrical equipments and manufacturing industry areas in China, has gathered many important leading enterprises. CoilWinding China and MotorTech China definitely meet the requirements of efficient processing technologies and equipments, high performance products and multi-application solutions. CoilWinding China and MotorTech China, a strong alliance, will turn to be a platform with a range of elements from coil winding, coils, magnetic material, insulations, transformer, and electric motor to electric power supplier, automotive electronics, LED drive powers, electrical equipments, electrical tools and so on.

Exhibits Profile

Shenzhen International Coil Winding Equipment & Technology Exhibition


Manufacturing Equipments for Coil Winding Machines, Electric Motors and Transformers, Testers, Material Processing Equipments and Accessories


Insulation materials: Insulated Paint, Laminated Products, Plastic Surface, Adhesive Tapes and Composite Materials, Micanites, Impregnated Fiber Products, Plastics, Resin, Porcelain, Asbestos, Paper-products and Other Insulation Materials

Other processing materials: Electromagnetic Wires (Enameled Wires), Silicon Steel Sheets and Related Products

Products & Accessories

All Kinds of Electric-magnetic Coils, Components and Accessories, Transformers

Shenzhen International Small Motor, Manufacturing Technologies & Applications Exhibition

Electric Motors

Micro-motors, Medium and Small Motors, Fractional Horsepower Motors, Gear Motors, Stepper Motors, Linear Stepping Motors, Tubular Motors, Permanent Magnet Motors, Servo Motors, DC Motors, High/Low-voltage Motors, Special Motors, Vibration Motors, Electrical Motors for Vehicle, Electrical Motors for Household Appliances, Electrical Motors for Communication Equipment, Various Electrical Motors and Related Technologies

Manufacturing Equipment

Various Manufacturing Equipments of Electric Motor, Punching Machines, Forging and Pressing Equipments, Electrical Motor Moulds, Spot-Welders, Magnetizing Apparatus, Testers for Motor, Components and Accessories, Drives and Control Systems, Design and Manufacturing Control Software

Products & Accessories

Commutators, Bearings, Transformer Skeletons, Motor Frames, Armatures, Cores, Stators, Rotors, Switches, Precision Components, Electronic Parts, Transducers, Carbon Products, Power Supplies

Magnetic Materials

Permanent Magnetic Material: Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Materials, Ferrite Permanent Magnets, Magnets-Aluminum/Nickel/Cobalt, Bond Permanent Magnets, NdFeB Magnets
Soft Magnetic Material: Soft Magnetic Ferrites, Metal Soft Magnets, Soft Magnetic Alloys, Non-crystalline Materials, Nanocrystalline Soft Magnets, Magnetic Stripes, Various Magnet Products
Magnet Manufacturing: Rare Earth, Instrument and Control System for Magnet Manufacturing, Detection Device and Technology, Raw Material, Auxiliary Material