The Inductica conferences will be held on site during 15th-17th May, 2014. The activities will focus on discussing the development of the industry with the audience who will be selected from the target buyers and show you the outcome of the latest technology and industry trends.

Date:  May 15th 2014  PM 130-400

          May 16th 2014  AM 1030-1100

                                 PM 130-400

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex


Attendance80-100 Persons

Target buyersexpertsthe objects of leader marketing and pre-registration audience could join for free. Register Now!


Topics of Interest

Coil Winding Machine, The Latest Technology of Coil Winding Industry;

New Technology and Product of Electromagnetic Wires;

Manufacturing and Technologies for Magnetic Materials;

The Latest Technical Development and Trends of Insulation Materials;

New Designs, Trends for Transformer & Motor & Power Supplies Manufacturers;

Product of Accessories and Related Trends;

Relevant Software and Application, Test Machines;

The Latest Marketing Tendency and New Standard in Relevant Industry;

Seminars and Conferences

Topic:Development Status& Trend of China Transformer Industry

Speaker:Mr. Zhen Yan Guo, Vice President, CEEIA

Time Slot:9th Sep, 14:00- 14:45

Topic:The Fundamentals of Coil Winding Machine Automation

Speaker:Mr. Ao Xue Tang, Engineer, LEADCNC SYSTEM CO., LTD

Time Slot:9th Sep, 15:00- 15:45

Topic:High Efficiency Motors for Home Appliances

Speaker:Mr. Zhi Hu Liu, Strategy Product Director, Welling Holding Limited

Time Slot:10th Sep, 10:00- 10:45

Topic:Energy Saving Technology for Motors

Speaker:Mr. Jun Bo Liu, Vkan Certification & Testing Co., Ltd  General Manager Assistant

        Director of Electromechanical Products Testing Institute Senior Engineer

Time Slot:10th Sep, 10th Sep, 10:45- 11:30

Topic:How is 3D Printing used in Coil Winding Industry?

Speaker:Mr. Jia Hua Zheng, Engineer, Shenzhen Soongon Technology Co., Ltd

Time Slot:10th Sep, 10th Sep, 11:30- 12:15

Call for Paper

It is an excellent opportunity for increased exposure and technical recognition in the forefront of the coil, insulation, magnetic and motor manufacturing industries. Please send the topic, paper or your presentation plan for the conference to   

2014 Conference Program
  • Presentation: The core technology of the design and parameters of permanent magnet motor

    Speaker: Prof. DOU Manfeng, Research on motor and Control Technology Institute of Northwestern Polytechnical University

    Time: May 8th 2013,2:15-2:45 PM

    Keynote: Key technology and parameters in design procedure of motor

  • Presentation: Where Are Metal Prices Going?

    Speaker: SHENG Weimin, Head of Haitong Futures Research Institute

    Time: May 9th 2013,10:00- 10:45 AM

    Keynote: What is the outlook for economic development, supply, demand and the price of silicon steel, copper and alumina?

  • Presentation: Going green?

    Speaker: GONG Jun, Chief Engineer, Shanghai Edrive Co., Ltd
    YING Hongliang, Deputy Chief Engineer, Shanghai Edrive Co., Ltd

    Time: May 9th 2013  11:00- 11:45 AM

    Keynote: What new developments in coil-winding technology are required to advance EV Drive Motors and contribute to an electric car culture?

  • Presentation: The Demand Trend of Electronic Transformer Industry Products

    Speaker: WANG Youxiong, Senior Engineer, Dazhong Electrical (HK) Co., Ltd

    Time: May 9th 2013, 13:00-13:45 AM

    Keynote: New problems and solutions in the design process of electronic transformer